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Elite Private Wealth can work with your business to find and compare the best rates for your company’s group insurance plans. This is done by evaluating the current plan your business is using and comparing it to others available to your company. Or if your business is new and looking for a group insurance plan, we simply scan the market for plans that best fit your requirements.

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Our Group Insurance Process

Evidenced in this case study for Book4Time Inc., Elite Private Wealth has a tried and tested process to help your business find the right group insurance plan. Whether your business is new with no group insurance plan or has a plan currently in place but looking to save on group insurance premiums, we will find the best quote for you.

The next step is to compare what we find and present a detailed report on the top three new or alternative group insurance plans available.

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Step three is up to you. After reading our report and discussing with an Elite Private Wealth advisor, choose which plan is best for your business. In the case of Book4Time Inc., we were able to find an alternative insurer that offered the same plan at a cheaper rate. In addition to this, we were able negotiate with the existing insurer for a cheaper rate, and although this rate was slightly higher, our clients decided to stick with their current insurer. This was because Book4Time was hoping that a new year with better claims history would give them further bargaining power come next years’ renewal. This was seen as a safer choice compared to going with a new insurance provider and having to build new claims history with them.

Elite Private Wealth can not only work to find you a reduced rate for your business’ group insurance plan, but can also negotiate with your current insurer to get more out of your current plan. This is especially beneficial for your business as the hassle of switching insurance providers is eliminated.

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Receiving a Quote

Step 1: Fill out a request for proposal document and provide us with an employee census. If you have group insurance already, provide us with a recent renewal and three years of claims history.
Step 2: Review our detailed report and coverage comparisons.
Step 3: Make the switch! There are no cancellation charges with group insurance. You simply need to provide a 30-day notice to switch coverage.

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