Biggest Mistakes Investors Make when it Comes to Fees and Advice

Author Rishi Published March 19, 2018

Over the past 5 years there has been a lot of discussion around investment fees.  Seems like you can’t turn on the TV without watching a commercial discussing investment fees, retirement planning, investing etc.  That’s because people’s finances are the construct of the lives we lead today and aspire to have tomorrow.  In todays information […]

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Investing in Cannabis Stocks

Author Rishi Published January 10, 2018

Just like in my last post I am going to start this off by stating in no way is this post meant to be taken as investment advice.  It is your choice if you would like to invest in cannabis stocks, this post is solely meant to answer a few simple questions and give you […]

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Buying Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Stocks

Author Rishi Published

Over the past 6 months I have received many inquiries from clients interested in learning more about Cryptocurrency and Cannabis Stocks. It’s obvious that these two investment classes have gained popularity over the past year, and with the insane increase in prices that we have seen, its no wonder many of you are interested in […]

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The RRSP Program Turns 60 This Year

Author Rishi Published May 5, 2017

One of the first steps in Canada’s push to build the social safety net turns 60 this year. The Registered Retirement Savings Plan was announced in the House of Commons on March 14, 1947 by Liberal finance minister Walter Harris as part of his party’s budget. The Liberals would be defeated within months by former […]

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6 Disability Insurance Myths Debunked

Author Rishi Published April 12, 2017

There is a lot of misinformation circulating when it comes to disability insurance. In order to make smarter decisions regarding your coverage, you need to know the facts and the options available to you. To help keep you on track, here are six common myths about disability insurance and why they are false. Myth 1: […]

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The Ins and Outs of Group Insurance

Author Rishi Published March 31, 2017

What is Group Insurance? Group insurance is a benefits package offered by a union, professional association, alumni association or employer to its members/employees. Since the organization is purchasing insurance for a large number of people using a wholesale approach, the cost of the policy per person is lower than an individual policy. Policyholders can contribute […]

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5 Life Insurance Myths Debunked

Author Rishi Published

Talking about death is rarely a comfortable conversation because people tend to avoid discussing what will happen at the end of their own life. However, this is not the only reason people don’t look into buying life insurance early enough. Myths and misconceptions about life insurance are aplenty, which is preventing thousands of Canadians from […]

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Why you need Disability Insurance

Author Rishi Published March 15, 2017

Working a cozy desk job with no pre-existing conditions, we too often believe the worst will never happen to us. This is largely because when we hear the words disability insurance, we imagine a spinal cord injury rendering us disabled. Indeed, this is rare, but did you know that you are more likely to become […]

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Understanding the Cost of Investing

Author Rishi Published March 8, 2017

We all know the mantra: be smart with your money, save for the future and spend wisely. Yet many leave high school/university without a clue on how to invest and truly work towards building wealth. Stocks and finance require extensive study, particularly when it comes to how fees work. Financial advisors do not work for […]

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Insurance Solutions for Employers

Author Rishi Published March 1, 2017

Providing health insurance to employees is not always an easy task. However, in today’s competitive job market, you will not be able to attract or retain talent unless you offer sufficient benefits. It is important that you review your options and pick a strategy that works best for your business. Group Insurance This is the […]

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