Making a Smart Move – Do’s & Dont’s of Moving

Author Rishi Published July 15, 2016

While it may be exciting to move into a new home, especially if it is your first home purchase, the actual move can be a lot of hard work. Many people rely on their relatives or friends to help them move, but those that have moved often know there is a limit to how many times you can ask someone to help move you. It is a huge job.  An alternative option is to hire a moving company. While it can be costly, hiring a moving company can save a lot of hard work by you and your friends.

Costs of hiring a moving company vary widely depending on the services you choose to buy. A moving company can simply load and unload your furniture and belongings you have packed or they can pack and move your entire household.

To find a good moving company, you should, as with any purchase, get referrals and shop around. You should have at least three visits from companies to give you a quote. Know what you will be paying for. Some movers charge by weight and others by volume. When quoting the mover will also consider the distance and the timing. Summer is peak season and your costs will be higher.

Here are some great Do’s and Don’ts from the Canadian Association of Movers, (CAM) the trade association for the moving industry in Canada:

1. Use a reputable mover. Check with your provincial government, the Better Business Bureau and, especially, with CAM( toll free 1-866-860-0065).
2. Always make sure you get a written estimate.
3. Read Industry Canada’s Consumer Checklist for Choosing a Moving Company found on CAM’s website.
4. Ask how your goods will be physically protected and insured while in transit.
5. Visit the mover’s office or warehouse to validate legitimacy

1. Rely on advertised or verbal promises.
2. Make your decision based solely on price.
3. Accept any verbal agreement.
4. Assume the mover is insured.
5. Assume that the mover you contract with will be the one you move with.


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