Having Trouble Paying off your Student Loan?

Author Rishi Published June 17, 2016

Here are some tips and tricks to help you pay it off:

Repayment Assistance

You may find that your financial circumstances make it difficult or impossible to make the required payments. There are measures you can take to restructure your loan in these circumstances. Generally, if you are experiencing financial difficulties, you can arrange to extend the payment period of the loan from 10 to 15 years. Although you will pay more interest, the monthly payments will be lower. First, though, you must first provide proof of financial need.

Interest Relief

Interest relief is designed to help you meet your student loan obligations in times of low income or unemployment. During this period, which can be from six months to 30 months, you are not required to make any payments on the loan. Eligibility for interest relief is based on your income.

Debt Reduction in Repayment

If you are experiencing ongoing, long-term financial difficulties and cannot meet your student loan commitments, you may be eligible for debt reduction. Generally, you must have been out of full-time school for five years and have exhausted any other debt relief measures. Debt reduction will reduce the principal of the loan and can be applied for up to three times with total debt reduction of $26,000.


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Source: Dynamic Funds

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